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Social Media Management

Social media management can sometimes feel overwhelming.

So as a natural extension of freeing you up to focus on what you do best, at Virtual Assistant Support I can provide assistance to help manage your social media.

Social Media Maintenance

•Content Scheduling: Create a content calendar for you to plan your social media posts in advance, considering holidays, events, and industry trends! •Helping you to stay focused and organised and preparing in advance means you can keep your audience engaged whilst you are be present in the moment! •Engagement and Interaction: Monitor your social media channels for comments, messages, and mentions, and respond to them in a timely and personalised manner. •Spark conversations with questions, polls and interactive content – it’s all about that engagement! •Follower Growth and Community Building: Follow relevant accounts related to your industry, and engage with their content to attract potential followers. •Engage with user-generated content, recognise and share content created by your followers to build a sense of community! •Profile Optimisation: Ensure that your profile information, including your bio, contact details, and website links are up to date. •Refresh your profile visuals by regularly updating profile and cover photos to reflect current branding and promotions.

Social Media Monitoring

•Analytics and Optimisation: Monitoring your metrics like engagement rates, follower growth, website clicks, and conversion rates using social media analytics tools, I can identify what is working and adjust your strategy accordingly. •With analysing these numbers we're uncovering what your audience LOVES and can turn this insight into social media magic, supercharge your content and watch those platforms grow! •Social Media Trends: Monitoring emerging social media trends and helping you adapt your strategy to staying ahead of the curve and riding the wave of trends is key to social media success! •Set Clear Goals: Helping you determine your goals, whether it's boosting brand reputation, gathering customer feedback, or surfing industry trends. •Clear objectives pave the way for social media success tailored to your business dreams! •Define Relevant Keywords and Hashtags: Identify keywords, hashtags, and phrases that are relevant to your brand, products, and industry, ensuring you're in the loop whenever they're mentioned!


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