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Tidy Desk

Administrative Business Support 

I fully understand that every business is unique in the way it operates, and that difference will apply to your administrative needs.

If your to-do list is increasing with no end in sight, or you have multiple repetitive, time consuming, complex and tedious, tasks and you don’t have the time or know where to begin – this is where I am here to help.


By delegating this repetitive work, you will be able to free up your time to focus, grow and get back in control.

Diary Management

•Managing your work commitments, personal obligations, preferred working hours, and leisure activities with the goal of maximising your use of time. •If you travel frequently or have meetings globally, I can ensure your meetings are scheduled according to the time zone, ensuring you are able to communicate with your client or team whilst being mindful and respectful. •By delegating the management of your diary to me, this can save you time, reduce stress, and enable you to maintain control over your commitments and productivity.

Time and Task Management

•I can support you to prioritise activities, set reminders, and create to-do lists to ensure you stay on track and meet deadlines. •I can ensure you stay accountable to your commitments and goals by meticulously organising your tasks so they be executed efficiently, also allowing you to accomplish more in less time.

Travel Coordination 

•End to end travel – airport transfers, Visa’s, flights, accommodation and any other trip-related tasks. •Maximising your travel time, means having minimal impact to your personal life. •Ensuring your travel plans are seamless, cost-effective, and tailored to your preferences. •Imagine all you need to do is set your alarm on the day of your business trip, the car is waiting and your boarding pass is on your phone.

Document Management

•Creation and maintenance of online document management systems, ensuring your documents are secure and easy to navigate. •Ensure Compliance! Many industries have strict regulations for document retention and security. That's where online document management systems come in—by creating and implementing these systems for you, I can help you and your business meet these rules by setting up essential controls and detailed audit trails. •Say goodbye to endless email and document hunts! Save time and leave stress behind!

Inbox Management

•An organised inbox is paramount to keeping productive, I can prioritise emails that need your attention first and reduce that clutter to keep you focused. • Say goodbye to endless email and document hunts! Save time and leave stress behind!

Communication and Coordination

•Leading as a central point of contact, liaising with clients, business partners, and colleagues on your behalf. •I can manage your phone calls, handle correspondence, and facilitate effective communication, ensuring you stay connected and responsive. •Let me help ease the load, by delegating your communication and coordination tasks to me, you can say goodbye to the stress of juggling endless emails, calls and appointments. Your mental well-being matters!

Corporate Events

•Multiple day offsites, team building away days, Christmas or summer parties to gala dinners. •I can source availability, prices and action the time-consuming tasks and continue to lead on the event as much or as little as required. •By delegating time-consuming tasks allows you to prioritise what truly matters. Freeing up your schedule so you can focus on your business goals!


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