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Personal and Lifestyle Support

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the amount on your personal to do list that just seems to keep increasing each day, and you are in need of that 25th hour in the day – then I am here to help to take the pressure off, because remember - your time matters!


Life is for living and being present in the moment, when you finally have time to yourself – the last thing you want to do is look at your personal ‘to do list’.


It could be just for a week of intensive event planning for a significant birthday or a few hours a week handling your appointments and personal diary - I am here to help! 

Travel Concierge

•As your travel concierge I can take care of all the details of your trip from flights, hotels, tours, transportation and more. •Or complete research on the best flight times and prices, what hotels are available or where is the best destination to go in a certain month.

Coordinating Personal Diaries

•From household services, school commitments, social events, after work events and weekend plans, I can streamline it all into one diary and keep it updated for you, helping you achieve that work life balance and keeping connected.

Event Planning

•Birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, themed parties - I can source the venue, flowers, entertainment and any other suppliers you might need. •I can design the invites, send and manage the RSVP’s. •I can even help you source the perfect gift!

Health & Wellness

•Ensuring that time is found for you in your schedule is essential for living a happy and productive life and for maintaining your overall wellbeing. •I can assist with arranging spa days, beauty appointments to scheduling your personal trainer.

Appointment Booking

•Dentist, doctors, MOT, Vet, theatre tickets, restaurants, you name it and I can take that off your to do list and get it booked for you - and also send you those reminders 48/24 hours out!


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